Friday, May 15, 2015


For the first few years when I started shooting I did everything
in black and white. I was obsessed with images from my favorite
photographers that seemed so raw and visceral. Like they could
x-ray their subject and show the world that being vulnerable is
beautiful. Every now and then when I forget. I go back. Remember
why I started. Why I love this.

Unpublished image from Last Days of Autumn 2012
for The Photography Link

Model: Lexi @ Richards
Photography: Eric Chu
Styling: Gian Carlo Umahon
Makeup & Hair: Mary Im
Styling Assistant: Amy Podrasky
Photo Assistant: Shohei Kawano

Friday, May 1, 2015

Different Breed

In May, it'll be four years since I started shooting.
It was just a few weeks after my nephew was born, I threw
all my camera equipment and lights into my car and started
driving not knowing what was on the other side.  Part of me
always knew being tied down to one place was never me.

This was the beginning and the first shoot to change
everything I knew about what it means to create an image.
Soon it'll be time to roll the dice again and see what's next.

Photography: Eric Chu
Model: Renata
MUA: Elizabeth McLeod